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Who are the Friends of Land Use Planning

What is the Friends of Land Use Planning?

We are a collaboration of individuals that support Indigenous-led Land Use Planning in Canada.

Specifically, in Nunavut, we support Inuit-led land use planning, and we want to see the Nunavut Land Use Plan finally come into force.

A NLUP is a requirement of the Nunavut Agreement, signed in 1993.

We believe that a NLUP can help to protect marine and terrestrial wildlife, habitats, and biodiversity while also providing opportunity for sustainable economic development.

Who are the people involved with FLUP?

  • Hilu Tagoona, from Baker Lake, Nunavut
  • Paul Crowley and Jakob Gearheard from Iqaluit, Nunavut
  • Monte Hummel, O.C., President Emeritus, WWF-Canada
  • Steven Nitah, Former Chief of Lusel K’e Dene First Nation, President/CEO of Densoline Corporation, Chief Negotiator for LKDFN on the establishment of Thaidene Nene National Park and Reserve
  • Alan Young, Expert in social and environmental sustainability and leadership

We are open for new participants.  If interested, please connect with us